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Chinatown Pork Belly Bun (2) $5.50 house braised pork belly served in bread bun Beef Summer Roll (2) $7.50 grilled beef ribeye with onion & mushroom wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper
Grilled Lamb on Skewers (3) $6 grilled lamb with mixed spices Crispy Salmon Roll (2) $5 deep fried salmon & cheese roll topped with tobiko
Cafe Asia Pot Stickers (4) $6.50 pan fried pot stickers with pork, zucchini & whole shrimp Five-Spice Garlic Chicken $5.50 deep fried chicken marinated with garlic, pepper & Chinese five-spice
Edamame $3.50 steamed edamame with salt Spicy Garlic Shoyu Chicken $6.95 steamed chicken thigh served cold with spicy garlic shoyu sauce
Squid Ink Calamari $6.50 deep fried calamari mixed with squid ink Ginger & Scallion Chicken $6.95 steamed chicken thigh served cold with ginger & scallion sauce
Side Street Clams (1LB) $8.50 stir fried spicy butter clams with garlic black bean sauce Grilled Bourbon Beef Tongue $9.50 grilled sliced beef tongue with bourbon whiskey, garlic & scallion sauce
Edamame $3.50 steamed edamame with salt