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Chinatown Pork Belly Bun (24 pc)$58 house braised pork belly served in steamed bun Beef Summer Roll (24pc) $45 grilled beef ribeye w/ onion & mushroom wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper
Cafe Asia Pot Stickers (24pc) $40 pan fried pot stickers with pork, zucchini & whole shrimp Fried Calamari $45 (serves 15-18) deep fried calamari served with mayo sauce
Five-Spice Garlic Chicken $35 (serves 15-18) deep fried chicken marinated with garlic, pepper & Chinese five-spice Furikake Bang Bang Shrimp (60pc) $45 deep fried shrimp topped with furikake served with a side of sriracha aioli sauce
Side Street Clams (5 LB) $45 spicy butter clams stir fried in garlic black bean sauce Edamame (5LB) $25 steamed edamame with salt


Honey Walnut Shrimp (60pc) $65 crispy battered shrimp tossed in creamy honey mayonnaise sauce Orange Chicken $45 (serves 12-15) deep fried battered chicken thigh tossed with house special orange sauce
Kung Pao Chicken $45 (serves 12-15) chicken, bell pepper, green onion & peanuts stir fried in a salty, sweet & spicy sauce Mongolian Prime Top Sirloin $55 (serves 12-15) USDA Prime Top Sirloin stir fried w/ hot chili pepper & scallion in sweet ginger sauce
Crispy Salt & Pepper Shrimp (Shell On) )(70pc) $65 (serves 15-18) deep fried shrimp tossed with sea salt, chili flakes, garlic, & pepper Salt & Pepper Shrimp (Shell Off) (60pc) $65 deep fried Extra-Large shrimp tossed with sea salt, chili flakes, garlic & pepper
Steamed Fish Fillets (60pc) $65 (serves 12-15) Chinese style steamed fish fillets w/ ginger, scallion, sake, & sweet shoyu sauce Salt & Pepper Fish Fillets (60pc) $65 crispy fried fish fillets with salt, pepper & fried garlic
Szechuan Style Green Beans $40 (serves 12-15) stir fried green beans & ground beef with Szechuan chili paste, hoisin & sake (vegetarian option available upon request) Mapo Tofu $40 (serves 12-15) soft tofu & ground beef cooked with ginger, scallion, garlic and chili paste (vegetarian option available upon request)
Beef Yakisoba $38 (serves 12-15) Japanese style noodles, beef, & vegetables stir fried in house yakisoba sauce Salmon & Kimchi Fried Rice $45 (serves 12-15) mildly spicy & savory fried rice with salmon, kimchi, & egg
Lup Cheong & Chicken Fried Rice $40 (serves 12-15) fried rice with lup cheong sausage, chicken, & egg Steamed White Rice $15 (serves 12-15)
Black Pepper Steak $55 (serves 12-15) USDA Prime Top Sirloin stir fried with peppers & onions in black pepper & garlic oyster sauce